First Impressions: Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card

My second business credit card!

When I applied for my first business card, I only based it on my occasional reselling of items on Amazon or on Ebay.  Luckily, American Express was happy to stroke my ego, agreeing that I had a “business” and I snagged a Starwood Preferred Business Credit Card.

Now, I’m happy to say my side hustle is actually holding its own.

So much so, that I had to increase my spending power.  I not only requested (and was approved) for a credit line increase on my Starwood card, but I took out a new Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card from Bank of America!


First Impressions: Chase Southwest Plus

I took a break from my “First Impressions” posts on my new credit cards, as I thought they were starting to get repetitive.  Apply.  Get card.  Spend $$$.  Get miles.  Travel.

Obviously, credit cards don’t differ heavily from one to the next on the surface.  Sure, there’s a few different networks, different airlines partner with different banks, and then there’s fixed-value card, hotel cards, airline cards.  But they’re all the same shape.  Most are plastic.  All your cards will turn around and bite you if you’re not careful.

While reviewing some of the data on my posts, I realized the First Impressions category was quite a hit  Don’t worry, I use that term very loosely.  By “hit,” I mean that you know, a handful of people clicked on it.  The Southwest Premier vs. Personal post was particularly well-received.

So, this one is for you credit card nerds!


Southwest Plus vs. Southwest Premier

When I’m not traveling, I tend to be looking for the next trip.  At the very least, I’m looking into how to get here or there, really anywhere.  You see, I have a bit of wanderlust.

It doesn’t so much matter where I’m going, just that I’m going.

Unfortunately, the only place I’ll be going in the next few weeks is work.  I might be able to sneak in another weekend excursion or a little day trip, but I won’t be doing any real traveling until this summer.

That leaves me with some idle hands.  Very idle hands.

I thought I’d put those hands to work and whip up a little post on the Chase Southwest cards.  I was approved for the personal Premier card a few months back, and just recently approved for the Plus card.  There’s also a Business version of the Premier, for any of you entrepreneurial folks out there.  You see, I was rather excited about getting approved for the other Southwest card.  I had to tell someone.  A friend of mine would do.  Unfortunately I picked one that thinks my travel hacking is crazy…

“But wait, both cards are for the same planes?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Ok, so you have two identical cards?  Why on earth do you need two of the same credit card?”

“Identical?  No, no, no, wait.  Wha-well, sure they both have planes on them, but..”

“That’s crazy.”

“Let me explain!”