Mexico: The Details

If you’ve been following along thus far, you know we had a great time exploring the Yucatan Peninsula a few weeks ago.  True to form, I couldn’t just have fun…I had to get home and analyze the entire trip.  But let’s be honest, this is part of the fun for me anyway. (more…)

Mexico: Valladolid

You know, I think we did a pretty good job with Mexico.  We got to see a lot, and had a decent amount of time exploring.  If there was one thing I’d change though, I would have made room for an extra day in Valladolid.  It’s a great little city, and the colonial architecture reminded us so much of Arequipa.  All those good memories of our Peru trip came flooding back, and even though we only had a little time there, we had a lot of fun.

We managed two nights in Valladolid.  With the short stay, it really became simply a launch pad for Chichen Itza and Ek Balam.  An evening walk down Calzada de los Frailes was a highlight of the trip, complete with sampling some traditional Mayan chocolate and dinner in an old Spanish hacienda.


Mexico: Chichen Itza and Ik Kil

Here’s the one you guys were waiting for:  Chichen Itza.

As soon as we told folks we were going to the Yucatan, people wanted to know two things:

“Are you going to stay on the Riviera Maya?”

“Are you going to see Chichen Itza?”

I can happily say that the answers to both of those questions were yes.

I can’t lie, the site is impressive in person.

Surrounded by level grass on all sides, El Castillo towers over the rest of the archaeological zone.  You immediately feel the awe of the site when you step beneath its shadow.