United Club, AUS

On the way home from Austin, we had about an hour to kill before flying home to Boston Logan International.  I’ll echo what I’ve said in previous lounge reviews:  I’m a pretty laid back guy, so I don’t worry if it’s a bit crowded or the food isn’t absolutely out of this world.  If you’re expecting first class service at every lounge, just make sure that you take my review with a grain of salt!


Electric Miles – The NRG United Promotion

You’ve heard of those deals before.  They draw you in with a great promotional rate or a free month of something.  You’re pretty happy with what you get, and then they smack you with a high charge, just when you thought you were safe!

If you’re careful though, you can come out ahead.  I was able to net a decent chunk of MileagePlus miles with a recent offer from NRG Home.  We’ll likely be using our MileagePlus miles to fly Lufthansa to Germany.  We have some family that will be there for a few years, what better way to explore a new country, than on free miles with your family and friends?

So, here’s what I did.


MileagePlus X App

This past weekend we did a bit of shopping, and I had my first opportunity to really use the MileagePlus X App.  Available on iOS and Android devices, the app is basically just a United MileagePlus portal to retailers.  Buy an e-gift card on the app, show the gift card number to the cashier, and you’re all set!  As long as you have a connection, you can add a credit card, select your retailer, and purchase the gift card.  It’s easy and fast, but wait, there’s more!  The earning potential on this app is huge, and that’s the major draw.