World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Wings

We’ve looked at all the ways a World Elite MasterCard will put you behind the wheel.

We’ve analyzed some of the benefits for riding the waves.

But what if the World Elite MasterCard in your wallet could give you wings too?

I know, I know.  Very dramatic intro.  There was a horror movie on in the other room while I wrote this.  Anyway, let’s check it out.  What can a World Elite MasterCard do for you a few thousand feet above the nearest road or ship?


World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Waves

Since I’m not travelling for a bit, we’ll be looking at some of the other benefits of this travel hacking business.  As I started to outline last week with rental cars, the MasterCard World Elite program offers benefits for travelers at no additional cost to the cardholder.   World Elite cards have annual fees, but you do get something for that money.

Still interested in the unsung benefits of your World Elite MasterCard?  Good!

Next up:  benefits for cruises.  I know some of you out there are pirates born a few hundred years too late, so what’s better than the open sea?  You won’t be doing any pillaging or plundering while on board, but these benefits could keep a few more dubloons in your pocket.


World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Wheels

So, what’s this World Elite logo on my credit card?

Well, I have two cards with the World Elite benefits, so I decided to find out.  Let’s start with some of the benefits that can you get you behind the wheel, or into a fresh set of wheels, depending on how you roll.


IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

A while back, I posted about the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion.  This was a popular promotion, so I wanted to provide an update on the whole process.

Drum roll please…

Mt total haul was 55,500 IHG points!  The promotion was definitely worth it, and I plan on using the points for a few weekend trips coming up, and I’ll save a handful for next year.  With plenty of locations and redemption levels, I like having some IHG points in my arsenal.


Inbox (5): an Update on the IHG Promotion

Well, would you look at that!  I actually got some emails yesterday.  Five emails for five plays, not too bad!

I wanted to update everyone on the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion now, so that you still have time to submit entries before February 15th if you want to.

I mailed my first 10 entries on January 23rd, and just got 5 emails (which resulted in 5 plays) yesterday, February 3rd.  So far I’ve already earned 3,000 IHG points!  After I receive all my emails, I’ll be analyzing the trends and reporting to back to you.

In short, 3,000 IHG points at current valuations of around $0.007, I’ve won about $21 worth of points already!  Of course, this is a very rough estimate, but I’ve only used about 5.3% of my entries, which means there’s plenty of room for more!

But for now, there’s still time for you!  I know I’ll be sharing these tips with a few friends that might be interested, too.  A few free hotel nights?  Why not!  Be sure to read the official rules, and my previous post explaining some of the information in more relaxed terms.

Good luck!

IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion Experiment

If you thought the days of mail-in sweepstakes were over, think again!

The InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) runs promotions from time to time, as ways to award people some extra points, get people excited about their hotels, and apparently they just like to give stuff away!

I originally heard about this promotion on Flyer Talk.  If you like the material on this blog, I’d recommend heading to Flyer Talk for even more information, the latest news, and clever travel hacking strategies.  The forum there is an amazing asset for anyone even slightly interested in travel hacking, or travelling in general.

Anyway, after carefully reading the Official Rules for the IHG and MasterCard Priceless Surprise Promotion, I decided to experiment.  The main variables in this experiment are the direct costs associated with entering the sweepstakes, the time cost of entering the sweepstakes, and the projected return on my time/money.  The ROI (return on investment), will not be in dollars or minutes of course, but in IHG Rewards Club Points.


Citi and AAdvantage

Citi and American Airlines seem to get along very well.  There’s a selection of Citi/AAdvantage co-branded cards, and Citi often offers miles for new bank accounts.  I got lucky with two special AAdvantage bonuses this past Fall.  I decided to take full advantage of both of them.



Hi everyone!  I have exciting news for those of you looking to increase your ability for monthly spend.  You know how I just posted about RadPad?  You already forgot?!  Sheesh, it was only last night..

Well, I should have waited another day, because I just heard news about RadPad, explaining some new information:

Using a MasterCard credit card now only incurs a 1.99% fee.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this is a big deal!  Hear me out: