Peru: Lima (Round 2)

Our last days in Peru found us coming full circle, one more day in Lima before flying home to Boston.  When we finally got into our hostel, it was about 11PM on a Saturday night.  Every one in the hostel was already asleep!  Well, not everyone, we ended up hanging out with some folks from Australia, England, and Canada before meeting our Peru Hop tour guide to go out.

Boston isn’t New York or Tokyo.  I’m used to “going out” around 10PM, and getting back by 2AM (and that’s if it’s a really crazy night).  People in Lima don’t even leave the house until 1AM!  We were out until 5 in the morning, with a much needed pit stop at a very Peruvian McDonald’s…

The next day, we woke up late, and wandered down to Mistura 2015 to experience Latin America’s biggest food festival.


Peru: Lima

First stop?  Lima.

Unless you’re coming to Peru overland, or from a closer destination like La Paz, you’ll probably be flying into Lima.  We flew about 6 hours from Boston to Panama City, and then 4 more hours to Lima, on Copa Airlines.  I have to tell you, Copa was awesome.  They had excellent customer service and the in-flight food was decent.  Plus, your first two checked bags fly free, even though we didn’t check any bags on the way there.