Flexible Points for the Win!

I keep meaning to diversify my points.

I have a whole pile of American Airlines miles (thanks Citi), plenty of American Express Membership Rewards, United MileagePlus miles, and a smattering of points with Alaska and Virgin America (soon to be combined anyway).  I had a healthy balance of Southwest Rapid Rewards, but I’ve been burning through those before my Companion Pass expires at the end of the year.  As for hotels, I have decent stash of SPG and IHG, but I’d like to snag some Hilton and Hyatt points, and maybe even some Wyndham, Club Carlson, or Best Western points to round things out.

Luckily, I continue to build my portfolio of points slowly but surely.  With the cards I have, I can easily get Membership Rewards points and Citi ThankYou Points in a pinch, while my girlfriend has a good balance of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards points.


How I Didn’t Pay for Disney

I just got back from a short trip, surprise!  I flew out of Providence last week to spend some time with family in the Orlando area.  We also spent a few days at Disney World!

Of course, there are some other places I would have liked to check off my list first, but it was great to see everyone.  Some family from South Dakota made the trek as well, so I was excited to go!

That’s the good news.

The bad news?  I started booking this trip before I really got into travel hacking.  This means I spent, ahem, a less than ideal amount of money on the trip.  I could have absolutely maximized my value from points and miles, and then gotten to Disney for much less.  There are plenty of people out there saving buckets of money on Disney trips, and I wanted to brainstorm a bit on how to spend less at Disney too.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go again one of these days!


Redeeming a Delta Voucher

Oh Delta Airlines.  I’ve dealt with you more last week than I have ever in my life.

I have mixed opinions of Delta.  You see, I’ve never really flown Delta.  Maybe once or twice when I was younger, but they don’t really service the airports and cities I fly into or out of.  Delta doesn’t have a big presence in Boston or Providence, and I don’t visit Detroit, Atlanta, or Minneapolis/St. Paul very often.  I guess I just don’t know them very well, that’s all.

Still, I found myself having to navigate their website last week, since I was planning some flights for my brother.  Since he had a $1,000 Delta flight voucher (from giving up his seat on an overbooked flight a few months back), he had a certain preference for Delta.


How to Pay for Delta Flights

Hey everyone!

So remember a few days ago, when my brother decided to go to Hawaii next month?  I took on the responsibility, nay, honor, of booking and planning the flights.  Part of the deal included getting to charge the purchase to one of my cards.  My first reaction was “Oh no!  I don’t have a Delta credit card!”

I wanted to make sure I got the most “mileage” out of the purchase though, so I evaluated the cards in my wallet.


Delta Airlines: BOS-HNL

Winter’s finally here in Boston.  We got spoiled a little bit in December and November, as Mother Nature spoiled us with a little more warmth than usual.

Now it’s zero degrees with windchill, ahh that’s more like it.  So, who wants to go to Hawaii?

I know, me too.  Unfortunately it’s not me going, but my brother.  However, he’s entrusted me with booking the flights, which lets me experiment a bit.  Lucky for him, I actually love finding the cheapest flights, analyzing the routes and travel times, and figuring out the best way to get from Point A to Point B.