Peru: The Sacred Valley

If you’re in Cusco, you have to make the most of it.  We didn’t just hang out at the bars.  We took advantage of the area, took in the sights, and learned a few new things while we were at it.  The Sacred Valley of the Incas is loosely placed between Cusco, Pisac, and Ollantaytambo.  The Valley is covered with archaeological sites, places of religious importance, and dramatic natural scenery.


Peru: Cusco

Our next stop was Cusco.

The City

The city itself was amazing.  Cusco has a palpable character to it.  You walk the streets and there’s something in the air.  You’d be hard-pressed to be in the city for more than a few days, and not see fireworks, a parade, or some other kind of festivities.

Asking one of the locals why there were so many parades only got us “Por que es Cusco!” (because it’s Cusco).