Austin: The Details

I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Hot Springs, South Dakota!  We’ve been busy exploring the Black Hills area with some local family this week, so I haven’t gotten online much.  This is our last night here, and I wanted to send my last Austin post out while it was still in my memory.

Check here and here for more on our weekend in the Texas capital last month.


United Club, AUS

On the way home from Austin, we had about an hour to kill before flying home to Boston Logan International.  I’ll echo what I’ve said in previous lounge reviews:  I’m a pretty laid back guy, so I don’t worry if it’s a bit crowded or the food isn’t absolutely out of this world.  If you’re expecting first class service at every lounge, just make sure that you take my review with a grain of salt!


Bikes, Buses, and Boats in Austin TX

A quick thanks for reading the blog – glad everyone stopped by for the Austin update on Wednesday, and I’m happy to report another post tonight!

While we focused mainly on food and beverage for the last one, I’ll get into more of what we did here.  I’ll bold some things throughout this post, and you can find more info for anything bolded in the last post.


Tunes & Tacos in Austin TX

As some of you might remember, we were able to squeeze in a quick weekend getaway for June!  This past Sunday night, we landed safely back in Boston after just 52 hours in the beautiful capital city of Austin, Texas.

But before we get into the trip itself, I think I owe you folks an apology.  I haven’t posted anything in 3 weeks!  I’ll give you the typical excuses:  work, family, general laziness.  Take your pick.  Regardless, I’m humbled that people have still been stopping by to check in, and I hope you enjoy reading about our short excursion to the Lone Star State.