Referral Links

Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying this project so far!

As it grows, and I keep posting more, I think it will be much easier to keep my recommendations on one, centralized page.  Don’t worry, I’ll continue to link to important posts and information, but referrals will only ever be found here or on the sidebar.  Stop here first for an explanation on the referral, with a breakdown of how it works and what you (and I!) can get for it.

I’ve added some of these to the side bar, too.  You know, the easy ones.

Here’s the full list!


I love AirBnB – nothing but good experiences there so far, and I’m hoping there will be more to continue. We’ve used AirBnB once in Peru, twice in Mexico, and my brother took our recommendation and found a sweet AirBnB in San Jose CA for a week. If you feel like signing up through this link, we’ll both get $35 in travel credit after you take a trip!  Be sure to submit a review though, otherwise it doesn’t work.


Travel within 90 days of signing up, and we’ll each get 500 points! Now, 500 points won’t get you much, but it’s better than nothing.  Normally, Amtrak will give you 500 points just for signing up, but if you use my referral, you’ll get 500 and I’ll get 500!  Make sure you only sign up when you’re going to travel soon, otherwise you miss out on the points.  I need to email this one out, so if you’re interested, let me know in the comments!

Award Wallet

I have no idea how this one works.  My code is free-rwiygy.  I think it should give you AwardWallet Pro for 6 months, a $5 value.  Try it, see if it works, and let me know!


You’ll find a few cashback sites in this list.  Diversification is key!  (By the way, I regularly check Cashback Monitor for the best rates.)  If you decide to go with Ebates, use the link above and you’ll receive a $10 cashback bonus, and I’ll get $25 too!


Ever hear of Uber?  Well…Lyft is like the quiet friend that always has your back.  Uber might be louder, and everyone knows who he is, but if you’re really in a pinch, you call Lyft.  Call it luck, but I tend to enjoy Lyft drivers better, and I even drive for Lyft myself!

For Riders.  You’ll get $5 off your first ride, and I’ll earn $10 for the referral if you take a ride within 14 days.  Keep in mind, you’ll probably find a better first time ride deal somewhere else, but if you can’t, feel free to use mine!

For Drivers.  This one varies – usually we’ll both get anywhere between $500-$1,000 after you complete say, 100 rides in 30 days.  It’s harder than it sounds!  Again, shop around with this.  You may find a better sign-up bonus for driving, and I encourage you to snag it!

Mr. Rebates

Cashback number 2.  I find Mr. Rebates to have decent rates as well, plus they offer quite a few travel-specific options, including JetBlue flights and Starwood properties.  If you sign up using my link, I’ll earn a bit from each purchase you make.  If you don’t use mine, please, use somebody’s!  If everybody gives their neighbor just a bit, we’ll live in a happy world.


Plastiq essentially acts as the middle man between your credit card and the paper check you need to pay your bills.  Basically, they bring your little old landlord into the 21st century.  As long as the fees are worth it, Plastiq can be a great way to hit minimum spends, increase your points and miles balances, or just automate some payments, like a rent or mortgage check every month.  Use this link, send a payment for at least $20, and you’ll get 200 “Fee Free Dollars”, and I’ll get 400 FFDs.


Raise operates an online market for secondary gift card sales.  You have a gift card you don’t want?  Sell it.  They’ll take a chunk out as a commission, and you keep the rest.  Where it really shines though, is finding cheap gift cards for your own use.  If you want to give it a shot, sign up with the link above, and we’ll each get $5 for our next purchase.


I can’t give Rocketmiles the full thumbs up, but it’s definitely useful in a pinch!  If you need to keep a frequent flyer account from expiring, or top up your miles balance, this might work for you!  1,000 extra miles for both of us with the link above.  You can check out my review of the site here.


$1,000 in free credit card processing for you, $1,000 in free processing for me! If you’re trying to run a small business, the processing fees can really eat into your profits. Square offers a quick and easy way to process cards and decent fees for small time users. Plus, with this referral, get your feet off the ground with $1,000 in free processing!


Full disclosure? I have no idea if you get anything for this one… But I get $10, so if you don’t have anyone else to refer you for TopCashBack, click away!


Although I traditionally recommend Lyft (see above), they’re not active in every market.  Plus, with my AmEx Platinum benefits, I’ll still be using Uber for the occasional free ride.  Feel free to use my referral code (cameronh5864ue) for a free first ride.  The amount of your ride varies by region, and I get a free ride up to $20 when you use it.  Keep in mind there are usually pretty good “first time Uber-er” deals out there, up to $30 or even $40 for your first ride.  I’d take the $40 deal over this one any day, but if you can’t find a better offer, I’d love for you to use mine!

Credit Cards

I haven’t delved into the world of credit card referrals yet.  Honestly, it seems like a dangerous path.  I want to keep this blog honest and straightforward.  Too many referrals and that line gets a bit blurred.  If you do have a particular card you’d like, and I’ve reviewed it before, I may have a referral link.  You can always ask and I’ll be happy to share, I just don’t want to push any card in particular.