Heads Up

This page is a bit of a disclaimer on all the information on this blog.  Please read before checking out the posts, it won’t take long!

  1. Any recommendations are my own.  I don’t receive any kind of bonus, referral, or anything else unless explicitly stated.  I honestly am giving my personal opinion on my thoughts, techniques, and strategies to live a better life.
  2. The best thing for me may not always be the best thing for you!  Please remember that!  I’m not trying to convince you to do anything here, merely explaining what works well for me.  For example, if you don’t want to travel much, then you should probably ignore most of those travel hacking posts.  I promise I won’t be mad!
  3. My opinions are my own.  We definitely won’t always agree, and that’s ok!  Personally, I think the world would be a very, very boring place if everyone agreed on everything.

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