Thank you!

Just a quick note to say thanks!

I hope all of you folks that celebrate Thanksgiving had a great one!  If you don’t celebrate, then I still want to say thank you.  November 2016 marks the 6th consecutive month of increased pageviews on this blog, and while I know it doesn’t sound like much, I do consider it a personal accomplishment.

I really enjoy writing the content, and I know there’s a lot of competition in the blogging world, so thank you for reading here.  I hope I’m producing posts that are useful to most of you, and that you continue checking back frequently!

Thanks again, to you, and may we all find fatter wallets and fuller passports this holiday season!


The List

Hey everyone!

Easy post this week, just doing a bit of reorganizing around the blog, and I decided to put up a new page.

I’m definitely a list maker.  You should see the number of spreadsheets on my Google Drive.  Sometimes it’s helpful, and other times, it’s well…excessive.  At any rate, I enjoy being able to cross things off.  When I draw that line through an item, I feel a sense of accomplishment and accountability.  With every word that gets crossed off, I’m one step closer to fulfillment.  (And if I keep talking like this, one step closer to the psychiatric ward.  But hey, that’s life!)

I regularly ask people what they have on their “list.”

What do you want to do before you die?

Where would you go with a free ticket to anywhere?

What would you regret at the end?

I thought I’s share some of those answers with you here:

The List

Until next time,

Fatter wallets and fuller passports, my friends!