After a Year of Travel Hacking…

First off, this post is a bit late!  I’ve been running around a lot September and October, and haven’t had the time to get this post together until today.

I consider the day I applied for the Barclaycard Arrival+ to be the true beginning of my travel hacking journey.  That means as of September 24th, 2016, I’ve been addicted for exactly one year.  So, this post is a month overdue.

It just so happens that I’m wrapping up my year of travel hacking coming from last weekend at the Chicago Seminars.  I’ll write up a bit more about this event soon, but it’s basically a conference for travel hacking, run by some great FlyerTalk folks.  What better way to commemorate one year in the game?

If you remember, I was spurred into this new hobby by my trip to Peru last year.  It was nothing short of eye-opening.  I knew I wanted to travel more.

I had caught the travel bug.

I also knew I didn’t want to pay big money for travel, like everyone else seems to think you have to.  Travel hacking enabled me to meet both of those goals:  travel and frugality.  Using the miles gained from the sign up bonus on that first card, and a bit more everyday spending, I cashed in those Arrival+ miles for $500 towards flights to Florida to see some of the family, and enjoy a few days at Disney World.

Let’s see where I’m at now, shall we?


World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Wings

We’ve looked at all the ways a World Elite MasterCard will put you behind the wheel.

We’ve analyzed some of the benefits for riding the waves.

But what if the World Elite MasterCard in your wallet could give you wings too?

I know, I know.  Very dramatic intro.  There was a horror movie on in the other room while I wrote this.  Anyway, let’s check it out.  What can a World Elite MasterCard do for you a few thousand feet above the nearest road or ship?


World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Waves

Since I’m not travelling for a bit, we’ll be looking at some of the other benefits of this travel hacking business.  As I started to outline last week with rental cars, the MasterCard World Elite program offers benefits for travelers at no additional cost to the cardholder.   World Elite cards have annual fees, but you do get something for that money.

Still interested in the unsung benefits of your World Elite MasterCard?  Good!

Next up:  benefits for cruises.  I know some of you out there are pirates born a few hundred years too late, so what’s better than the open sea?  You won’t be doing any pillaging or plundering while on board, but these benefits could keep a few more dubloons in your pocket.


World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Wheels

So, what’s this World Elite logo on my credit card?

Well, I have two cards with the World Elite benefits, so I decided to find out.  Let’s start with some of the benefits that can you get you behind the wheel, or into a fresh set of wheels, depending on how you roll.


So what are airline miles anyway?

I spent some time the other day reading through some old posts…

Jeez, miles this, miles that.  I talk about points and miles an awful lot, and never really get into what a “mile” is.  Sure we all know a mile is 5,280 feet.  But what about AAdvantage miles?  Or Rapid Rewards points miles?  Which one’s worth more?

Then there’s SkyMiles, and MileagePlus miles, and Avios, and Guest Miles.  The list goes on and on.

So what is a mile exactly?


Southwest Plus vs. Southwest Premier

When I’m not traveling, I tend to be looking for the next trip.  At the very least, I’m looking into how to get here or there, really anywhere.  You see, I have a bit of wanderlust.

It doesn’t so much matter where I’m going, just that I’m going.

Unfortunately, the only place I’ll be going in the next few weeks is work.  I might be able to sneak in another weekend excursion or a little day trip, but I won’t be doing any real traveling until this summer.

That leaves me with some idle hands.  Very idle hands.

I thought I’d put those hands to work and whip up a little post on the Chase Southwest cards.  I was approved for the personal Premier card a few months back, and just recently approved for the Plus card.  There’s also a Business version of the Premier, for any of you entrepreneurial folks out there.  You see, I was rather excited about getting approved for the other Southwest card.  I had to tell someone.  A friend of mine would do.  Unfortunately I picked one that thinks my travel hacking is crazy…

“But wait, both cards are for the same planes?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Ok, so you have two identical cards?  Why on earth do you need two of the same credit card?”

“Identical?  No, no, no, wait.  Wha-well, sure they both have planes on them, but..”

“That’s crazy.”

“Let me explain!”


Delta Airlines: BOS-HNL

Winter’s finally here in Boston.  We got spoiled a little bit in December and November, as Mother Nature spoiled us with a little more warmth than usual.

Now it’s zero degrees with windchill, ahh that’s more like it.  So, who wants to go to Hawaii?

I know, me too.  Unfortunately it’s not me going, but my brother.  However, he’s entrusted me with booking the flights, which lets me experiment a bit.  Lucky for him, I actually love finding the cheapest flights, analyzing the routes and travel times, and figuring out the best way to get from Point A to Point B.