Bikes, Buses, and Boats in Austin TX

A quick thanks for reading the blog – glad everyone stopped by for the Austin update on Wednesday, and I’m happy to report another post tonight!

While we focused mainly on food and beverage for the last one, I’ll get into more of what we did here.  I’ll bold some things throughout this post, and you can find more info for anything bolded in the last post.


Earning Virgin America Miles with AirBnB

I love new partnerships between companies I use!

And although this one isn’t new, it’s great.  AirBnB is a fantastic option for lodging while you’re travelling.  Usually the cost comes in low, and it offers a bit more local flair to your journey.  We’ve used AirBnB in Peru, and then again in Mexico (twice!).  All three times, I’ve been happy with the process, and with our hosts.

If you’re keeping up with travel hacking news, you’ve been able top earn Virgin America points on AirBnB bookings for the past year or so.  Using my recent Mexico bookings, I decided to figure out the process, and a time frame for it.

Here’s what I did: