Month: June 2017

Tunes & Tacos in Austin TX

As some of you might remember, we were able to squeeze in a quick weekend getaway for June!  This past Sunday night, we landed safely back in Boston after just 52 hours in the beautiful capital city of Austin, Texas.

But before we get into the trip itself, I think I owe you folks an apology.  I haven’t posted anything in 3 weeks!  I’ll give you the typical excuses:  work, family, general laziness.  Take your pick.  Regardless, I’m humbled that people have still been stopping by to check in, and I hope you enjoy reading about our short excursion to the Lone Star State.


Monthly Points Update June 2017


Can’t believe we’re half way through the year.  It’s flown by…even though I (sadly) haven’t done that much flying.  Luckily, the summer has a lot of travel coming up:  Austin this month, Denver/South Dakota the next, and Nashville in August.  Meanwhile, I’ve been socking away points and waiting for the time to travel!

As always, you can check out my cumulative points at the Keeping Score page on the top banner.


Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards to Southwest Rapid Rewards

We’re working on one final hurrah for the Companion Pass – I’m going to snag a few vacation days, and we’ll plan 4 or 5 days in Havana, Cuba sometime around the end of the year!  Obviously, I couldn’t just let the Companion Pass sit there and collect dust.  My pass expires at the end of this year, and I knew I needed to get one more international trip.  Southwest’s limited route network left me with a handful of option, and we settled on Cuba.

Only problem?  I’m starting to run low on Southwest Rapid Rewards.

In keeping with the theme from earlier this week…that’s where flexible points come in!