February 2017 Points Update

January wasn’t a crazy month for travel hacking in my life.  Some points here, some miles there.  Just a few things to report!

2017 Travel

While I might not have been earning that many miles, I sure used them up!  January was a busty month for booking, and I’m starting to get an idea of my travel plans for the rest of the year.


First up, we’ll be heading down to Baltimore over President’s day weekend.  This one was on a total whim, as I have no idea what to do there!  (Please comment if you have any suggestions!)  We’ll be taking the Amtrak from Boston South Station overnight all the way down to Baltimore Penn Station.  I’ve never done a train that long before, so we’re excited to try it out!  The train down was cheap, and the flights back were too, so we figured we might as well go explore a new city!

Next up, we have Costa Rica in April, which I mentioned last month.  Only five days, but we’re really looking forward to exploring the beautiful landscape – volcanoes, beaches, and cloud forests!

We’ll be doing another long weekend trip in June, this time to Austin!  We’ll be traveling without the kiddo, which is a rare occurrence lately, but it’ll be nice to explore just the two of us!

Then in July, we’re all heading west to hang out with some family in South Dakota.  As you can see from the map, we’ll be flying Boston to Denver, and then we’ll take the 6 hour roadtrip up to the Black Hills, where my family lives.  Needless to say, all of these are booked on Southwest, using the Companion Pass!

Bank Account Bonuses

Bank account bonuses haven’t popped up on the blog as often as other topics, but it is something I keep meaning to write about.  (In the meantime, stop by Doctor of Credit or Hustler Money Blog to learn more!)

And I know these aren’t points or miles, per se (besides that one time), but the bank account bonuses are really pivotal to the overall game I’m playing right now.  Since you can’t use points and miles for everything on a trip, it’s great to have other methods, like some cold, hard cash.  I made about $700 in bank account bonuses last year, and I’m on track to make another $500 in the first quarter of 2017!  Now, I wouldn’t say this rate is sustainable in the long term, but I’ve managed to make a nice chunk of change so far!  Account bonuses come and go, and I’ll need to wait until some more great offers come up, but for now, I’m happy with a bit more cash in my pocket.

That’s it for now!  I haven’t posted much recently because I’ve just been super busy, but it was important that I stick to my 1 post/week at the very least!  I promise there’s more to come, especially with the Baltimore trip coming up!

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