The Experi-Sprint was Successful!


Look at all those extra AAdvantage miles!


Although it ended up costing me a bit more time and money than I wanted it to, this is definitely an easy way to earn some extra AAdvantage miles.  With the Sprint offer, you’ll earn enough for a one way domestic ticket!

My original math looked like this:

Value of AAdvantage miles – (Cost of phone + Cost of service + Cost of time) = Net Value

$300 – ($106 + $60 + $23) = $111

When calculating the return, I forgot to include the 417 AAdvantage miles you receive as a current monthly Sprint customer, using the AAdvantage code!  This brought the total value of the miles I’ve earned up to $312 (including the monthly service miles).  Not much, but every mile gets me closer to a fuller passport!

On the other end of things, I also had a minor hiccup:  I paid for a third month of service…


I paid for the first month of service at sign up, so that would have been my June bill.  The terms of the AAdvantage offer require 2 months of service, so you wouldn’t see that August bill if I had been on my A-game.

No excuse.  Just poor timing and procrastination on my part.  So, instead of a total contract cost of $60, I’ve bumped it up to $90 for the full 3 months of service I ended up having.  I still made it out alive, and with those AAdvantage miles to boot!  Notably, I only received monthly miles for the first two months of service.

Calling up to cancel only took me about 15 minutes, 10 of which I spent on hold.  I’ve added a half hour’s “pay” to the final calculation as well, to reflect this.  Remember, my hourly rate I decided on in the previous post was $15/hour.  Now we’re up to about 2 hours of total time invested.

So after running the new numbers we have:

Value of AAdvantage miles – (Cost of phone + Cost of service + Cost of time) = Net Value

$312 – ($106 + $90 + $30) = $86

All in, the extra time and money ate up $31 of my profits (in miles).  My total haul though, went up by $12 (834 for the two months of additional miles).  Without getting into the real tricky stuff, like the time value of money and opportunity costs, I still “made” $86 (in miles).  With 2 hours on the clock, that’s a pretax earnings rate of $40/hour.

Not bad!

I’m happy with the outcome for now, and I’ll plan on trying to churn this one in the future.  I’ll report back on my luck for round 2.

Although manufacturing spend and signing up for credit cards may be much easier ways to earn points, I’m always happy to diversify a bit.  Exhausting one or two options in this hobby will only lead to frustration.  Much better to have plenty of options, especially when things start getting shut down.

Post 2 - 0 Devices.png

No mas Sprint!

One last note:  If you’re already an existing Sprint customer, you can sign up for the AAdvantage deal.  It probably won’t be worth it.  You won’t get the 20,000 miles for the new sign up, just the 417 monthly miles, worth around $6.25.  By signing up for the Sprint offer though, you have to give up any discounts or promotions you currently have.

Make sure to do your own math, but I’m willing to bet your current discounts (if you have any) are worth more than $6.25 a month.

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