Admirals Club, BOS Terminal B (near Gate B30)

This is the last lounge post for a while, I promise.  I just had to check all the overdue posts off my list !

Up until a few weeks ago, I only had the opportunity to stop by the Admirals Club near Gate B4.  Due to the recent US Airways merger, American Airlines finds themselves with not just one, but two Admirals Clubs in Terminal B at Boston Logan!

You’ll be familiar with the option at Gate B30 if you were a US Airways flyer, as this was the former US Airways lounge at the Boston airport.  It’s a bit of a black sheep, due to its own heritage, and doesn’t quite match the B4 lounge as much as you might have thought.  I have to assume that it’s simply the style of the US Airways options, but it feels a bit more sterile than the other lounges I’ve enjoyed  visiting.  Maybe it’s the white walls, not really sure.

The food matches other Admirals Clubs, which I suspected upon entering.  We stopped by in the morning, so there was yogurt, oatmeal, and hard-boiled eggs, just like our visit to the AC in Atlanta.  Plenty of trail mix, fresh fruit, and cookies to bring along with you too.

My son always manages to make friends with someone at the front desk, and promptly fills his pockets with the little candies they give out at every Admirals Club.

The seating is very comparable to other lounges, including a small section for work desks.  Plenty of armchairs and small tables to have a snack, grab a magazine, or get some work done on the laptop.


Or maybe write a blog post..

A few notable differences.  There were showers at this one!  Definitely a leg up on their friendly competition over at Gate B4.  US Airways must be a bit more kid-friendly too, as the lounge has a small room set up with some toys and coloring books.


While the view here is great, the morning sun was coming right in through the windows, making it hard to capture a picture.  Basically, the main wall of windows at the B30 lounge faces east.  You’re looking out over the runways, and to Massachusetts Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.

I’ll have to stop by again for the sunriseone of these days!

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