Air France Lounge, BOS Terminal E

A few weeks ago I found myself in Terminal E at Boston Logan International Airport, grabbing a drink at the Air France Lounge.

But I wasn’t flying out of Terminal E.

In fact, wasn’t even there for a flight.

On a regular evening, I found myself catching the Silver Line out of South Station to Boston Logan for my Global Entry interview.  I thought it would be an excellent chance to use my Priority Pass, and check out a new lounge.  The Global Entry interview office is in Terminal E at BOS.  Coincidentally, Terminal E also houses most of Boston’s international flights, as well as the Air France lounge.  I stopped in for a bite to eat, and to wait out the worst of rush hour downtown.

The Global Entry Interview went smoothly, and I finally have my card!  I’ll write a bit more up about that next week.

Time for a celebratory drink!


You’ll notice the assortment of languages on the reading.

I checked into the Air France lounge around 6:30PM on a Monday in October.  To be honest, I was surprised with the number of people at the lounge.  After looking around at flights departing though, it makes sense.  Many of the international flights out of Boston are overnights to Europe, which means passengers come to the lounge for a quick bite to eat, relax, and then board their flight across the pond ready to nap.

Upon entering the lounge, I took out my phone and used the Priority Pass app to pull up my card number.  The receptionist was happy to scan that in for me, I signed the receipt, and it was smooth sailing from there.


The lounge itself is in the process of “expansions” at the moment.  There’s kind of a creepy hallway down to the entrance, and there’s a bit of bare drywall, but otherwise, the interior looks great!

Definitely comparable with the Admirals Clubs I’ve been exploring recently, except for the noticeable lack of windows.  The Air France lounge is located on level 2 of Terminal E, so it doesn’t get to take advantage of the best views.  Nothing to note on the bathrooms or the seating areas.  Simply your typical doctor’s-waiting-room-meets-hotel-bar kind of set up, which I’ve found to be a pretty similar vibe across the lounges I’ve been in so far.

The personnel working there were extremely friendly, and seemed genuinely helpful when I chatted with them.  They did announce an Air France flight over the intercom, but that was the only one in the hour or so I was there.


The best part by far, is the bar.  Right around the corner from the food is a small counter that definitely puts the spread at home to shame.  You’ll never hear me complain about an open bar.  Ever.  Honestly, I don’t drink much, but it’s the frugal side of me that really gets excited about the prospect.


Anyway, The Air France lounge had a few options:  Bombay, Jack Daniels, Kahlua, Budweiser, some wine and champagne, you get the idea.  Of note, no tequila, which always disappoints me.  Although, this may be a good idea for those folks hopping on an 8 hour flight.  There were also plenty of options for soda and juice in the refrigerator.

The food here is decent too.  An assortment of finger sandwiches and other cold options line the counter.  Everything I tried was good, but nothing really stood out in particular.  Around 7PM, they brought out some hot food to add to the mix.  you’ll see it pictured below, some kind of pasta and vegetable mixture in a tomato sauce, not bad!

I gotta be honest with you, I think I’d still take the Admirals Club near gate B4 over the Air France Lounge, but it’s a close call.  The more I explore the upper class world of airport lounges, the more I’m impressed.  A year or two ago, I honestly had no idea that people traveled like this.

One more coming, probably tomorrow:  the second Boston Admirals Club, then we’ll be all caught up!

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