Mera Business Lounge, CUN Terminal 2

On the way back from Mexico, I had the opportunity to test drive yet another lounge!

Part of the Priority Pass Lounge Network, the Mera Business Lounges found at Cancun International Airport offer travelers some space away from the hustle of the typical airport experience.  In Cancun, this is even more important than your typical airport.  The concourses are simply massive, open rooms.  There’s no quiet corner to sit back and relax, no table along the outskirts to hunker down and get some work done.

Unfortunately, my priority pass is through my AmEx Platinum, which means it’s just for me.  No guests.  Since the family was with me, I only stopped in quickly.  You know, just for research.  For the blog!

I mean, I also grabbed a quick beer and a sandwich, but that’s beside the point…


There are two Mera Business Lounges at CUN, in Terminal 2 and in Terminal 3.  I only stopped by the option in Terminal 2, located between the duty free shops and the main gate area of the terminal.

It’s a small lounge, and the entrance is unassuming, pictured to the right.  The lounge itself is on the smaller side, nothing compared to the recent Admirals Clubs I’ve been spotted hanging around in.

The lounge included plenty of armchair seating, as well as a few small tables in the corner near the food.

Honestly?  It feels a bit more like the waiting room in an upscale dentist’s office, than a proper lounge.  I will say though, that Cancun International Airport is a bit hectic, very busy when I was there.  So, compared to the rest of the place, the Mera lounge does offer some respite.

They had an assortment of finger sandwiches and other small snacks for grabs.  There was also plenty of beer to go around, Coke products, juices, and a small selection of self-serve liquor options.

I’ll say this:  If you’re in Cancun and have access, you might as well stop by for a drink and some peace and quiet.  I mean, why not?

If you’re flying through Cancun, don’t schedule a long layover in Cancun just to check out the lounges.

Now if you’re flying through Miami, and have Centurion access, that’s a different story!

This one’s just a quick update on some of the lounges I’ve gotten to check out!  I wanted to bolster the numbers, since it’s only been Admirals Clubs so far.

More posts will come soon!  I have a whole list I owe you guys:  the annual weekend in DC, and another weekend in Chicago, the Air France lounge in Boston, the other Admirals Club in Boston, an update on the (successful!) Experi-Sprint, one more experiment with NRG and United miles, and maybe a post on Virgin American miles from AirBnB (once I figure out how exactly they post).

Oh, and 2 more credit cards…

Thanks for stopping by!

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