Admirals Club, ATL Terminal T

On my Mexico trip, we flew through Atlanta on the way there and back.

For anyone that hasn’t flown out of Atlanta…

It’s huge.  Atlanta sees nearly triple the passengers Boston does, and it shows.  There’s twice as many terminals, and a train that runs between them.  Southwest calls Terminal C its home, and American happens to fly out of Terminal T, which means .  With over 2 hours in Atlanta on both the way to Cancun and back home to Boston, I slipped my Citi AAdvantage Executive card back into my wallet before we left.

In what I thought might be my last chance to use my Citi AAdvantage Executive’s Admirals Club lounge access, I found myself taking the Plane Train in Atlanta for the first time.  You see, Southwest uses Terminal C, with the exception of international arrivals, and American Airlines, well…doesn’t.

The journey all the way to Terminal T ended up being totally worth it, and my travelling companions were certainly happy to experience the world of airline lounges.


Contrary to the airport itself, the Admirals Club is not particularly large.  Delta and Southwest dominate ATL, and it shows.  At about half the size of the Boston lounge near Gate B4, the lounge in Atlanta paled in comparison to the Admirals Club in Charlotte too.  To be fair, American only flies to 8 destinations out of Atlanta, so I don’t see much of a reason to outfit an incredible lounge there.  The seating and bar looked very similar to the previous Admirals Clubs I’ve visited.

The food also fell right in line with what I expected.  On the way to Cancun, we were in the lounge from about 9AM-10AM, and there were some pastries, hard-boiled eggs, and fruits.  The trail mix containers were filled with cereal, and the soup replaced by oatmeal.  Nothing much to report, simply decent, quick food for breakfast.

On the way home to Boston, we found ourselves hopping on the train again around 7PM for another hour at the lounge.  This time, the fare looked very similar to what I had in Boston and in Charlotte.


You remember when I wrote about that soap?  I feel a little stupid now, it’s probably at every single Admirals Club.  But it still smells great!

As a side note, I’ll mention that the walk is worth it between Terminals T-A-B if you have time.  Between T and A, you’ll find a great assortment of sculptures to catch your eye.  Continuing on through the rain forest installation between A and B was genuinely cool, and more relaxing than I thought it would be.  Even when simulated, nature’s affect on people is astounding.

The icing on the cake?  Before we left for our flight to Cancun, my son thought out loud:

Do lounges have birthday parties?  I feel like it would be cool to have a birthday party here.  I mean, there’s food and drinks, and chairs.  We could just bring some games and it would be pretty cool.

Imagine those invites going out?  I have a feeling the other parents would think I was even stranger than they do now..

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