RadPad and Android Pay…It’s Complicated

I know you’re sick of RadPad, but this one is just a quick public service announcement in case you haven’t heard yet.  Although I’m sure you have heard,it wouldn’t feel right not to cover this.  I figure if I’m toting RadPad so often this year, I need to make sure the 0.000003% of humans that actually take my advice get the latest updates.

Long story short, RadPad has cancelled their Android Pay promotion.  The email went something like this:

When we launched our promotion with Stripe and Android Pay a little over two weeks ago, allowing Android users to pay rent with a credit card through Android Pay for no fee, we had no idea just how many people would sign up. Within days of the announcement, the promotion spread like wildfire across social media, blogs, Reddit and other news outlets.

That is why we regret to inform everyone that beginning today, August 24th, 2016 we will no longer be able to offer the Android Pay promotion.

We want to apologize to all of our users that were hoping to utilize this promotion through the end of the year. We understand the confusion & anger this has caused many of you, and rightfully so. We’ve learned a valuable lesson and the last thing we ever want to do, is lose your faith and trust.
If you have any questions or just need to vent frustration..

RadPad explained that Android Pay users represented only 5% of their total rent payments on RadPad, and after only a few days, that number shot up to 70%!  They also kindly pointed out the options to use ACH transfer totally free, or a debit card at a flat fee of $4.95.

I have a feeling RadPad got stampeded by the manufactured spend crowd…

Luckily, RadPad honored payments made for September’s rent as long as you were signed up prior to August 24th, and the payment was processed before August 31st.  All things considered, I think this is a pretty fair (and justified) move.

The one major negative outcome?  I think it quickly shone a spotlight on MS…not that all the bloggers are necessarily helping that either.

[Whistles quietly and walks off into the distance, hoping nobody notices that this is, in fact, a blog.]

Anyway, just a quick announcement.  I’d hate to think anyone is caught off guard for the month of October, and charged the fee on their rent.  I was happily able to get in on it for September, and hit the minimum spend on my Platinum card, with a little help from RadPad!

I’ve already cancelled my October rent on RadPad.  Moving forward, I’m going to continue to use Plastiq for rent.  With just slightly lower fees, Plastiq is still a profitable option for me, especially when trying to hit bonuses.

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