I felt like Indiana Jones with a snorkel – Mexico 2016

Three words sum up my trip to Mexico:




If you didn’t guess from those three words, it was a fantastic trip!  My son’s first international trip was a huge success, and we all had a great time exploring.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weather, which made the trip even better.  Before we went, forecasts were reading hot, with thunderstorms every afternoon.  Luckily, we only got one torrential downpour, and only one day in Valladolid was it uncomfortable hot.

Oops.  I guess that’s why flights are cheap in August.  The Yucatan peninsula was beautiful, as I’m sure it is anytime of year.  Even simply driving through the towns on the way to the next site was an adventure, and reminded me very much of your typical American roadtrip (although much shorter, of course).


Nothing feels like the open road, whether it’s in Mexico or back home.


I’ll break down more details in some individual posts on each place, similar to my Peru trip last year.  For now though..


The Tulum ruins, overlooking the Caribbean.

We might have flown into Cancun, but the journey really started in Tulum.  Snagging the rental car near the airport, we pointed our compass south and hugged the coast.  We didn’t even stop for food or money until we got to Playa del Carmen.  Tulum and its northern neighbor Akumal kept us busy with turtles, monkeys, and some wonderful beachside ruins.  I almost forgot what the kiddo looked like without a snorkel strapped to his face.


Next up was Valladolid.  About an hour and a half’s drive inland to the northeast, Valladolid is a common basecamp for Chichen Itza and some other attractions in the area.  About halfway to the city, we also stopped for lunch and some exploring in Coba.


The Nichupte Lagoon, from our stay at the Westin Resort in Cancun.

After plenty of ruins and food in Valladolid, we made the drive on 180 all the way down to Cancun.  Dropping off the car in the hotel zone, I checked into an actual resort for the first time in my life.  Don’t worry, we managed to see a bit of the actual city, as well as a day on Isla Mujeres too!

As soon as I finish uploading the rest of the pictures, I’ll start writing.  I can’t wait to share my travel experiences with all of you!  The Yucatan was truly an interesting and beautiful place.  The food was great, the people wonderful.  I hope I can convince some folks to do more than just the resorts!




  1. I couldn’t agree more! I actually had a coworker today say she’s going to cancun and staying at an all inclusive resort to “stay away from the locals.” I was completely disgusted! I would NEVER stay at an all inclusive resort. When I travel it’s to view the world and get to know the locals and learn the culture, not mingle with other tourist. This hit home! I have a travel blog myself 🙂 feel free to check it out ! I would love insight.


    1. Followed! Although I understand why people do it, I have to explain to quite a few people why I don’t stay at all inclusive or big resorts very often. We did AirBnB for our time in Valladolid and Tulum, and it was so, so worth it.

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