Month: July 2016

The List

Hey everyone!

Easy post this week, just doing a bit of reorganizing around the blog, and I decided to put up a new page.

I’m definitely a list maker.  You should see the number of spreadsheets on my Google Drive.  Sometimes it’s helpful, and other times, it’s well…excessive.  At any rate, I enjoy being able to cross things off.  When I draw that line through an item, I feel a sense of accomplishment and accountability.  With every word that gets crossed off, I’m one step closer to fulfillment.  (And if I keep talking like this, one step closer to the psychiatric ward.  But hey, that’s life!)

I regularly ask people what they have on their “list.”

What do you want to do before you die?

Where would you go with a free ticket to anywhere?

What would you regret at the end?

I thought I’s share some of those answers with you here:

The List

Until next time,

Fatter wallets and fuller passports, my friends!

First Impressions: American Express Platinum Card for Schwab

Last week, I added a new horse to the stable.

The American Express Platinum, Charles Schwab edition.

I’ll admit, this one was a bit of an impulse.  I’ve been shifting my focus from credit cards to bank bonuses, giving my credit report a bit of time to recover from the inquiries in the last year.  I’ve opened up more than 10 cards since I started travel hacking about 9 months ago.

Hey, go big or go home, right?