RIP RadPad

Yep, it’s RadPad again.

I just got an email from RadPad:  my rent is going to be charged to my Barclaycard Arrival+.  Unfortunately, this is the last time I’ll be hearing from them for a while, as I’ll be cancelling my rent through RadPad shortly.

PSA:  RadPad will be ending the low fee for MasterCard users as of June 1st, 2016.

Unfortunately, at the higher rate, RadPad just doesn’t work for my anymore.  The new fee will be 3.49% for MasterCards.  The service already charges 3.49% for Discover, Visa, and American Express, so this is the norm.  I was able to jump on the RadPad promotion for a 1.99% fee on MasterCards for the last few months, and it helped my net quite a few more miles than my typical everyday spending would have.

My monthly rent was $1,900.  Don’t worry, I had roommates!  I paid my rent for a total of 6 months with RadPad.

December 2015:  $1900.00 on my Citi Gold debit card.  No earnings on the card.  I used this to take AAdvantage (get it?) of an American Airlines promotion with Citi Bank.

February, March, and April 2016:  $1937.81 on my Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite.  I earned a total of 5,811 AAdvantage miles, worth about $87.17, and I paid a total fee of $113.43 in those months.

May and June 2016:  $1937.81 on my Barclaycard Arrival+.  I paid a combined fee of $75.62, for about $77.51 worth of Arrival+ miles.

I clearly came out ahead on the Arrival+ charges, and probably should have just used the Barclaycard the entire time…  However, I was stubborn, and wanted to earn some real airline miles.  Long story short, to make those AAdvantage miles worth it, I have to redeem them for at least 1.9 cents apiece, rather than their conservative estimated value of 1.5 cents.  I’m relatively confident I can get 1.9 cents apiece for them, especially if I take advantage of American’s off peak award chart and their MileSAAver awards.

Regardless, RadPad allowed me to earn some extra miles that I’ll put to good use in the future.

Don’t forget:  If you use RadPad with a MasterCard, cancel it or switch to a debit card before June 1st!  If not, you’ll be charged the higher fee of 3.49%!

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  1. Another option if you still want to use RadPad is to get the PayPal Business Debit Card. You can move funds to your PayPal account and then use that card to pay your rent through RadPad. No fees since its a debit card and you earn 1% back on your rent payment.


    1. Thanks for the tip! I’m actually thinking I’ll go with the Citi AT&T Access More + Plastiq route with any luck. I mean, hey, what’s one more card right?


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