Happy Mother’s Day!

Ok, ok.

So I know I’m a week late on this one, but I wanted to post a great deal for Mother’s Day.  It’s not around any longer, but I know from experience that this kind of deal comes around every year, coinciding with this little holiday.

Every year in May, tons of companies run Mother’s Day specials.  From your local diner’s brunch menu to the credit cards in your wallet, you’ll find a way to save on something for mom, trust me.

What’s better (or more cliche…) than flowers?

This year, I combined a Rapid Rewards promotion for Mother’s Day with the Rapid Rewards shopping portal for 1-800 Flowers.  Then I was able to stack some AmEx Offers on top of that, and really rake in some benefit.

Here’s how it boiled down:

18F Mother's Day RR Offer

Step 1

With the special RR95 promotion code running for Mother’s Day, I could get 1,750 Rapid Rewards miles for spending at least $29.95 at 1-800 Flowers.  The offer popped up on my Southwest account, so I looked around for the best way to maximize the purchase.  The best part of this promotion:  you can use it for 5 different orders per Rapid Rewards account.  As someone with quite a few “Moms” to remember, I appreciate that kind of thinking.

Step 2

I love shopping portals.  Earn extra miles or cashback for stuff you already buy?  Sign me up!

The Rapid Rewards shopping portal offers 7 miles per $1 for 1-800 Flowers.  With Rapid Rewards valued around 1.5 cents, you’re getting 10.5% back in miles.  Pretty good deal.

Step 3

18F AmEx Offer

Remember AmEx Offers?  American Express was offering $15 off of $50 spent at 1-800 Flowers, undoubtedly for Mother’s Day as well.  I added the offer to my American Express Premier Rewards Gold and Starwood Preferred Guest Business cards, knowing that I’d use the offer for two separate purchases.

The Purchase

So…first step was to click through the Rapid Rewards shopping portal for 1-800 Flowers.  I made sure my order met the $50 threshold for the AmEx Offer, with a total of $53.11 being charged to the card.  With a charge of $53.11, I earned about 371 Rapid Rewards miles, valued at roughly $5.57.

While checking out, I input my “RR95″code and my Rapid Rewards number.  1,750 Rapid Rewards miles are worth about $26.25.  This brings my total Rapid Rewards earnings to 2,121 miles, or $31.80.

Sure enough, shortly after submitting the order, I received an email:  “Congratulations on Using Your AmEx Offer!”  About a week later, I received a statement credit for $15.00.  With the offer, the true cost of the flowers was only $38.11.

Now we get to the actual credit card points.  Since these were normal purchases, you still earn points from the charge to the card.  On my American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, I earned 53 Membership Rewards points, worth 1.9 cents each.  A total value of $1.00.

On the Starwood card, I also earned 53 points.  Starpoints are worth more than Membership Rewards though, at about 2.5 cents apiece.  My Starpoints earnings were $1.32.


Southwest Companion Pass

To sweeten the deal, I’m working on my Southwest Companion Pass. Effectively doubling the value of my Rapid Rewards miles, this pass allows the holder to book a companion almost for free on any Southwest flight, for up to 2 years.  With the Companion Pass on my horizon, I’ll be bumping up the value of my Southwest Rapid Rewards miles to 3 cents per mile.

The Numbers

Total Charge:  $106.22 (two separate orders)

AmEx Offers:  $30.00

Southwest Code RR95:  3,500 RR = $52.50, value doubled for Companion Pass:  $105.00

Shopping Portal Points:  742 RR = $11.13, value doubled for Companion Pass:  $22.26

Membership Rewards:  53 MR = $1.00

Starpoints:  53 SPG = $1.32

$106.22 – ($30 + $105 + $22.26 + $1 + $1.32)

$106.22 – ($159.58) = (-$53.36)

I actually made 53 bucks!

Granted, the money I made is in miles, not cold hard cash.  These kinds of offers come around all the time, so be sure to check for good deals and savings.  You have to do a little analysis, but that’s the fun in this game!

Anyway, I hope all you moms out there had a good time last weekend!  And I’ll add a round of applause for the moms that travel with kids, it’s not easy, I know.

So if your kiddo isn’t old enough to thank you, let me do it for them…




Travel is an amazing gift for kids, the chance to experience new places, new cultures, make new friends.  And if you’re not traveling yet, it’s never too late to start!


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