Admiral’s Club, CLT Concourse C

Flying out of Charlotte, I had my second taste of the high life.  Racing through security, I turned my attention to the Admirals Club in Concourse C at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Similar to Boston, Charlotte actually has two Admirals Clubs, one an old US Airways Club.  This time, I actually opted for the old US Airways option, rather than the original American Airlines lounge in Concourse B.

Before the merger with American Airlines, Charlotte was quite the hub for US Airways, so it makes sense that the old US Airways Club here was big.  I mean a solid two or three times larger than the Admirals Club I visited in Boston.

American and US Route Map

American Airlines and US Airways routes at the time of the merger.

There’s a reason it was so big.  American Airlines dominates CLT.  All those AAdvantage members and former US Airways loyalists need a place to stop and refresh themselves before flying off.  This Admirals Club was packed.

Other than the sheer size, and the hustle and bustle in the atmosphere, the lounge was very much the same as its Bostonian counterpart.  In CLT, I was greeted with friendly faces and fresh food.  Speaking of food, I’ll be honest.  I was a bit disappointed that the options were exactly the same.  From a business stand point, I get it.  Much, much easier to maintain, order supplies, etc.  Although I would have loved to see a bit more local variety in both locations, I understand the decision.

Other than that, not much more to report!

Having the option to sit in an armchair and enjoy a cocktail, observing the operations on the tarmac, can make all the difference to a weary traveler.  I have to say, with upcoming Southwest flights this summer, I’m going to miss having lounge access and priority boarding.

I guess each airline has its benefits though; I don’t see any Companion Pass on American Airlines!



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