Admirals Club, BOS Terminal B (near gate B4)

On my recent excursion to the great city of Winston-Salem, I had the pleasure of flying American Airlines with my trusty Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite MasterCard.

In addition to extra miles on American Airlines purchases, discounts on in-flight snacks, and World Elite MasterCard benefits, this card grants the user Admirals Club access.  As long as the card is open, you can pop right in and enjoy the food, drinks, and comfy chairs.

Not only did I love pretending I was an important business traveler, but their gin & tonic wasn’t half bad…especially considering it was free!


Aerial map of Boston Logan International Airport.

Departing from Boston, I had two Admirals Clubs to choose from.  Both are located in Terminal B.  The first is near Gate B4, just past security, in the “first half” of terminal B.  As you can see, Terminal B happens to be shaped like a horseshoe.  When I say the first half, I mean the first section of the terminal, if you’re getting to the airport on wheels.  There are two distinct locations for pick-ups/drop-offs, one on each side of the horseshoe.

You can find the second Admirals Club in Boston at Terminal B as well, but on the other side.  Near Gate B30, this is actually on old US Airways Club.  After the merger, American Airlines rebranded all the US Airway Clubs into Admirals Clubs.

Only having time for one lounge before my flight, I opted for the original Admirals Club, closer to my departure gate.

The lounge had plenty of space for weary travelers, a great little bar setup, and plenty of amenities.  Food, drinks, conference rooms, magazines,  workstations, and plenty of light streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the tarmac.

AA BOS Lounge Drink

The lounge itself was relatively empty, considering its size.  There was a maximum of 30 people milling about the food or taking advantage of the seating throughout the area.  A handful of gregarious folks at the bar, but who can blame them?

The lounge was very clean, with just a few things left on the tables after guests had left.  Having worked in the restaurant business for so long, I tend to cut people some slack for that.  Especially if you’re working a slow day, you aren’t on your “A game,” running out to check on the guests every 10 seconds.  You’re probably sitting in the back chatting with your coworkers, and go out to the front of the house more like every 10 minutes.

There was plenty of space in the lounge, and three conference rooms available for booking.  The Admirals Club is outfitted with a few banks of workstations too:  some just empty desks, while others have dedicated PCs and decent internet speeds.

The service in Boston was excellent.  I had some issues getting in at first with my card, but the attendant at the front desk was easily able to grant me access with my boarding pass.  I assume the boarding pass worked because it’s tied to my AAdvantage number, which is in turn tied to the Citi AAdantage Executive card in my wallet.  The bartender was also happy to help and very friendly.  She had a few regulars at the bar, and they all seemed to be having a good time, adding to the great atmosphere in the lounge.

Ok, so the people were friendly, and the view was nice for those of us aviation geeks out there.  But what do people really care about?   Maybe those comfy seats?  Nope…


Usually, it gets back to food.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll plan my whole day around meals if I need to.

The Admirals Club had a nice selection of snacks.  Crudite style samplings, cookies, brownies, fresh oranges and apples, and trail mix.  Everything was fresh, and tasted fine.  They seemed to do a good job of restocking and refreshing the samples on a regular basis too.  American Airlines also offered some hot soups.  On my way out, I grabbed some the kale & sausage soup, slapped a cover on it, and had dinner on the plane.

The last thing I’ll mention about the lounge is the soap.  I know this sounds weird, but the soap in the bathroom was heavenly.  Who knew lime & coriander smelled so good?

Before I wrap this up, let me just say that any kind of airport/airline priority is the bee’s knees.  Growing up slightly something of a plebeian in the good ol’ states, I never dreamed people actually breezed through security and enjoyed a cold beverage, then strolled to their gate and boarded in the first few minutes of getting of the gate opening.  That was something the rich dude in the movies did, not real people.

TL;DR:  I hope I don’t sound too crazy.  For those battle hardened travelers out there, I’m sure you know all about the benefits of airline loyalty, priority boarding, and a well-timed drink at the lounge before racing off to your next meeting.  For me though, this was all new.

And all fantastic.

My flight ended up being delayed 60 minutes for mechanical issues, but to be honest, I didn’t mind at all.  The great service and refreshments I snagged at the lounge kept a smile on my face the entire trip.  Plus, I took full advantage of the delay, hanging out at the lounge a bit longer than I had originally planned to.

I found myself stopping by the Admirals Club again on the way home before leaving the airport.  It was a cold, rainy day, so what better than a cup of soup and a drink to warm me up for the commute home?  This time it was minestrone, and still great!  The Admiral’s Club in Charlotte was much bigger and busier, but we’ll get into that tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



    1. Thanks! It was my first time in a lounge, and I loved it. Check back tonight for a short write-up on the lounge in CLT!


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