World Elite MasterCard Benefits: Wings

We’ve looked at all the ways a World Elite MasterCard will put you behind the wheel.

We’ve analyzed some of the benefits for riding the waves.

But what if the World Elite MasterCard in your wallet could give you wings too?

I know, I know.  Very dramatic intro.  There was a horror movie on in the other room while I wrote this.  Anyway, let’s check it out.  What can a World Elite MasterCard do for you a few thousand feet above the nearest road or ship?

Similar to the benefits associated with cars (divided into rentals and chauffeur service), the benefits for flying are separated into savings on commercial flights, and savings on private jet bookings.

Let’s pretend we’re just travel hacking for fun, and not because travel can be prohibitively expensive.  I want to look at those private jets!

Private Jet Service

When booking a private jet service with the World Elite MasterCard benefits, you have three options:  Blue Star Jets, Skyjet, and Vitesse Worldwide. Keep in mind all these offers are “subject to availability” and “restrictions apply.”  When you call to pay for and book the flights, be sure to double check that the benefit is eligible on the flight you select.  These offers look like they’ll be renegotiated/continued every year, I’d assume little changes.  MasterCard will try to retain it’s World Elite offers, and maybe even add to them, to keep the cards competitive.

With Blue Star Jets, travellers get up to $750 savings on bookings of $10,000 or more on qualifying jet charters and a $200 in flight catering credit.  This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.  Blue Star boasts being first and largest jet company in the US, and they offer all types of aircraft (including helicopters and seaplanes, if you’re feeling adventurous).  Booking can be made for the rest of 2016.

Skyjet gives World Elite cardholders up to $1,000 savings on a roundtrip booking, or $500 on a one way flight.  The carrier also offers catering credit of up to $300, but only on your first flight on Skyjet metal.  Skyjet claims to be safer than FAA regulations, putting pilots through rigorous testing and background checks.  You can also book with Skyjet throughout the 2016 calendar year for this benefit.

Our friends from the rental car benefits are back!  Vitesse Worldwide offers the same flight credit as Vitesse:  $500 one way, $1,000 round trip.  The offer is extended slightly, through March 31 2017.

Commercial Airlines

There are plenty of commercial airlines that participate in the World Elite benefits.  No matter where you’re flying, you’re sure to find some benefit here.

For the most part, all airlines have the following language in their deals:  “subject to availability at the time of booking and certain terms and conditions.” These benefits cannot typically combine with other offers, must be used on adult fares, and are usually valid only from certain “gateway” cities.  Tickets must originate in the US, and be ticketed from the US, and can be round trip or one way tickets.

World Elite Cathay Pacific Gatway Cities

Here’s Cathay Pacific’s US gateway cities, made using  You can get to Hong Kong from Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Chicago, and New York/Newark.

Airline Economy Prem Econ Business First Through Notes
Aeromexico 15% N/A N/A 20% 12/31/2016 Also valid on open jaw and “circle-trips.”  Not valid on codeshare or Skyteam flights.
Air China 8% N/A 20% 20% 12/31/2016 Ticket can originate in US or Canada, destination anywhere in Asia.
All Nippon Airways 5% None 20% None 3/31/2017 Valid only on trans-Pacific routes.
Austrian Airlines See Lufthansa Group.
Brussels Airlines See Lufthansa Group.
Cathay Pacific Airways 25% 25% 25% 25% 3/31/2017
Etihad Airways 12% 12% 12% 12% 12/31/2016 Not valid for all US originations.
Hawaiian Airlines 10% N/A None 25% 12/31/2016 Flights US-Hawaii.
Hawaiian Airlines 10% N/A 20% None 12/31/2016 Flights US-New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, and China.
Japan Airlines None 20% 20% None 3/31/2017 Applies to Japan Airways flights from US gateway cities, as well as partners’ connecting flights from a US city to a Japan Airlines US gateway city.
LATAM 10% None 30% N/A 12/31/2016 Applies to LATAM flights from US gateway cities, as well as partners’ connecting flights from a US city to a LATAM US gateway city.
Lufthansa Group 15% 15% 15% 15% 3/31/2017 World Elite cardholders also receive a complimentary upgrade to Business class with the purchase of an eligible Economy class ticket.
Qatar Airways None None 10% None 3/31/2016
Singapore Airlines None None 20% 20% 12/31/2016 Only valid with purchase of two tickets.
Swiss International Airlines See Lufthansa Group.
Turkish Airlines None 10% 10% None 12/31/2016 Turkish Airlines refers to their Premium Economy as “Comfort Class.”

You’ll notice Hawaiian Airlines has two separate rows, to denote the difference in benefits on flights to Hawaii and flights to their other destinations.  The other odd man out is Lufthansa Group.  Their benefits are similar to the others, but it goes for Swiss, Austrian, Brussels, and Lufthansa; all are part of the Lufthansa Group.  Similarly, LATAM includes LAN, LAN Equador, LAN Argentina, LAN Chile, and Tam Linhas Aereas.

In addition to the savings on flights, World Elite MasterCard holders can save 15% off posted rates in US on Park ‘n’ Fly parking lots.  These lots service many US airports, and are located a short shuttle service away.  The shuttle is included in the cost of the parking.  If you’re short on time, you may need to park at the airport, but for others, this is a helpful benefit.  I typically find myself using the T in Boston, since the airport’s very near the city center.  Park ‘n’ Fly savings are good through the 2016 calendar year.

Your mileage may vary on these offers, just as always.  First, make sure your routes are eligible by calling in to the World Elite customer service line.  If you’re paying cash for the flights, I imagine a solid 15% to 20% off could be helpful.  Of course, these benefits aren’t too useful when finishing off a nice pile of miles or points with an airline, but every tool in your box gets you one step closer to your dream destination.  I’ve never flown LATAM business class, but 30% off list price sounds good to me.  Pair that with some fixed-value miles, like those on the Barclaycard Arrival+ (which happens to be a World Elite MasterCard), and you’ve got yourself a good deal!

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