IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

A while back, I posted about the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion.  This was a popular promotion, so I wanted to provide an update on the whole process.

Drum roll please…

Mt total haul was 55,500 IHG points!  The promotion was definitely worth it, and I plan on using the points for a few weekend trips coming up, and I’ll save a handful for next year.  With plenty of locations and redemption levels, I like having some IHG points in my arsenal.

Here are my other posts on the Priceless Surprises Promotion:  The original plan, then the update, and now, here we are!

IHG Promotion Account Status

I only had 500 points before this, so my stockpile of IHG points is almost entirely thanks to the Priceless Surprises Promotion.

The Experiment

So, to make this a little more interesting, I decided to alter some of the information on my submissions.  Out of a total of 94 entries, here’s the spread:

  • 1 envelope didn’t have “Surprises” in the to address
  • 10 envelopes had “+” instead of “and” in the to address
  • 10 envelopes had “MC” instead of “MasterCard” in the to address
  • 10 entries had only one phone number, instead of separate day and evening numbers
  • 10 had computer printed to address labels
  • 39 had computer printed return address labels

I fully believed all of these entries would be accepted, as the above changes are very minor.  Essentially, I just wanted to test HelloWorld’s limits.  If there’s another, similar promotion, I’ll probably go one step further, and leave out my name, phone number, or something else.

I got all 94 entries.  I’ll wager I didn’t push the boundaries enough.  HelloWorld probably didn’t even blink at replacing “and” with a plus sign.


1/23/2016 (Saturday) – Mailed 10 entries.

1/24/2016 (Sunday) – Mailed 10 entries.

2/3/2016 (Wednesday) – Mailed 24 entries.

2/4/2016 (Thursday) – Mailed 25 entries.

2/5/2016 (Friday) – Mailed 25 entries.  This brings my total count to 94!


2/3/2016 (Wednesday) – Received 5 emails at 11:48AM!  Much faster turn around time than some I’ve seen on FlyerTalk, 11 days.

2/10/2016 (Wednesday) – Received 8 emails at 9:50AM.

2/11/2016 (Thursday) – Received 2 emails at 2:14PM.

2/12/2016 (Friday) – Received 3 emails at 2:25AM, 7 emails at 10:40AM, and another 33 emails at 12:45PM.  43 total, HelloWorld was busy!

2/14/2016 (Sunday) – Received 20 emails at 11:35AM.

3/1/2016 (Tuesday) – I waited a week and a half, for my remaining entries, and then finally emailed HelloWorld on February 26th.  They replied with a generic “We’ve processed all the entries we have for you.”  I still received my last 16 emails at 8:36PM four days later!


2/3/2016 (Wednesday) – 5 plays from 5 emails.  4 x 500 pts, 1 x 1,000 pts.

2/10/2016 (Wednesday) – 8 plays from 8 emails.  7 x 500 pts, 1 x 5,000 pts (woohoo!)

2/11/2016 (Thursday) – 2 plays from 2 emails.  2 x 500 pts.

2/12/2016 (Friday) – 18 plays from 18 of the 33 emails received Feb 12th.  16 x 500 pts, 1 x 1,000 pts, 1 x 2,000 pts.

2/13/2016 (Saturday) – 25 remaining plays from Friday’s emails.  24 x 500 pts, 1 x 2,000 pts.

2/14/2016 (Sunday) – 20 plays from 20 emails.  20 x 500 pts.

3/4/2016 (Friday) – 16 plays from my last 16 emails.  16 x 500 pts.  March 15th was the play deadline, so I had plenty of time.

Results and “Floors” Selected

Floor 1 (16 total plays) – 16 x 500 pts

Floor 2 (16 total plays) – 15 x 500 pts, 1 x 1,000 pts

Floor 3 (16 total plays) – 14 x 500 pts, 1 x 1,000 pts, 1 x 2,000 pts

Floor 4 (16 total plays) – 15 x 500 pts, 1 x 2,000 pts

Floor 5 (15 total plays) – 15 x 500 pts

Floor 6 (15 total plays) – 14 x 500, 1 x 5,000 pts

From my own experience, and the rumours around cyberspace, I don’t think the floor selected had anything to do with the prize level, but it’s fun to speculate.

Posted Points

February 5th (Friday) – 3,000 points posted from my 5 plays on Wednesday Feb 3rd.

February 13th (Saturday) – 9,500 points posted from my 10 plays on Wednesday Feb 10th and Thursday the 11th.

February 16th (Tuesday) – 35,000 points posted from my 63 plays over the weekend, Feb 12th, 13th, and 14th.

March 7th (Monday) – 8,000 points posted from my 16 plays on Friday March 4th.

IHG Promotions Recent Activity

My IHG account’s recent activity, showing the last plays I had, posting 500 points each.


So, what does all this boil down to?


Or as I like to call it, “free money.”

As we’ve discussed previously, IHG points are worth only .7 cents, or $0.007, so you need 10 points for 7 pennies.  From this promotion, I won 55,500 points, valued at $388.50.  My total “cost” of participating in this promotion was $125.06.  I detailed my cost in the original post, you can find the link above.

Net Gain:  $263.44

Would I do it again?

Absolutely!  Despite the hand cramps, this promotion was definitely worth it.  For a little bit of work, I gained a week at a low tier IHG property, or a weekend at a higher end property.  IHG also runs specials where nights at certain hotels are 5,000 points per night, which gives me a week and a half if I time it right!

This promotion is over now, but I’ll keep you informed of any other promotions I hear about!



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