Month: March 2016

So what are airline miles anyway?

I spent some time the other day reading through some old posts…

Jeez, miles this, miles that.  I talk about points and miles an awful lot, and never really get into what a “mile” is.  Sure we all know a mile is 5,280 feet.  But what about AAdvantage miles?  Or Rapid Rewards points miles?  Which one’s worth more?

Then there’s SkyMiles, and MileagePlus miles, and Avios, and Guest Miles.  The list goes on and on.

So what is a mile exactly?


Southwest Plus vs. Southwest Premier

When I’m not traveling, I tend to be looking for the next trip.  At the very least, I’m looking into how to get here or there, really anywhere.  You see, I have a bit of wanderlust.

It doesn’t so much matter where I’m going, just that I’m going.

Unfortunately, the only place I’ll be going in the next few weeks is work.  I might be able to sneak in another weekend excursion or a little day trip, but I won’t be doing any real traveling until this summer.

That leaves me with some idle hands.  Very idle hands.

I thought I’d put those hands to work and whip up a little post on the Chase Southwest cards.  I was approved for the personal Premier card a few months back, and just recently approved for the Plus card.  There’s also a Business version of the Premier, for any of you entrepreneurial folks out there.  You see, I was rather excited about getting approved for the other Southwest card.  I had to tell someone.  A friend of mine would do.  Unfortunately I picked one that thinks my travel hacking is crazy…

“But wait, both cards are for the same planes?”

“Well, yeah…”

“Ok, so you have two identical cards?  Why on earth do you need two of the same credit card?”

“Identical?  No, no, no, wait.  Wha-well, sure they both have planes on them, but..”

“That’s crazy.”

“Let me explain!”


IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

A while back, I posted about the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion.  This was a popular promotion, so I wanted to provide an update on the whole process.

Drum roll please…

Mt total haul was 55,500 IHG points!  The promotion was definitely worth it, and I plan on using the points for a few weekend trips coming up, and I’ll save a handful for next year.  With plenty of locations and redemption levels, I like having some IHG points in my arsenal.


Florida & Disney 2016

As I mentioned a last week, I planned a little trip to Florida for the end of February!  The main idea was to visit some family that lives outside of Orlando, but it kind of fused with some more family staying at Walt Disney World the same week.  Since they live out in South Dakota, I jumped at the opportunity to get everyone together.  One of the first times we’ve had the South Dakota family, Florida family, and Boston family together in a long time, and only the second time in my son’s life!

Obviously, we couldn’t leave without spending a bit of time at Disney World with them…

We’ve also benefited hugely from the South Dakotans on this trip.  They do Disney (in part to visit the Floridians) almost every year, so they know the all the ropes.  I do not.  And Disney has a whole mess of ropes to learn.

Give me a timeframe, location (read:  not Disney), and budget and I’ll plan you a great trip!  But Disney?  Kind of complicated…and expensive.


How I Didn’t Pay for Disney

I just got back from a short trip, surprise!  I flew out of Providence last week to spend some time with family in the Orlando area.  We also spent a few days at Disney World!

Of course, there are some other places I would have liked to check off my list first, but it was great to see everyone.  Some family from South Dakota made the trek as well, so I was excited to go!

That’s the good news.

The bad news?  I started booking this trip before I really got into travel hacking.  This means I spent, ahem, a less than ideal amount of money on the trip.  I could have absolutely maximized my value from points and miles, and then gotten to Disney for much less.  There are plenty of people out there saving buckets of money on Disney trips, and I wanted to brainstorm a bit on how to spend less at Disney too.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go again one of these days!