Ice Castles, Lincoln NH

Alright with all these posts about credit cards, travel hacking, and finance, I was itching to do some real traveling.  (I have a week long trip visiting some family coming up so you’ll see those posts soon!)  In the meantime, I had to tide myself over with something…so we went on a little day trip over President’s Day weekend!  Work’s been keeping me awfully busy, and I needed to get out of the daily grind for a bit.  The ultimate destination was Lincoln, New Hampshire, to check out the Ice Castles there.  Not a long journey by any means, but I was itching to go on an adventure, and wanted to update the blog about it.

A short update to match the short trip:

The Ice Castles

We were lucky enough to have a great ice castle within driving distance this winter!  This company builds ice castles at a few locations throughout the United States and Canada every year, and they seem to do a fantastic job!  The Ice Castle in Lincoln was awesome, and I highly recommend going to one next year if you have a location nearby.  It’s worth the roadtrip!


Laconia, NH

On the drive up to Lincoln, we had some extra time before our tickets to the ice castles.  What better way to kill the time than to check out the world’s largest arcade?  Funspot was a favorite of my siblings’ when we were growing up, and would take roadtrips up to New Hampshire or Maine, and I thought I should carry on the tradition.  It can be crowded, and a little hectic with all the kids running around, but the selection of games is huge!  They have a ton of really old school games, classic pinball machines, and some newer games, not to mention bowling and mini-golf.

We also stopped by the Kellerhaus before hitting the road North to Lincoln.  The building is a funny little combination of tchotchke shop, tourist trap, candy shop and a killer ice cream bar.  Obviously, we went for the ice cream.  Pick your flavor and then go for the toppings!


I know, nothing compared to Peru.  But hey, everywhere you look, there’s a new corner of the world to explore.  What’s wrong with doing a little exploring in your own backyard?

If you’re looking for amazing experiences, Funspot and Kellerhaus probably won’t be on your list, but you should definitely consider the Ice Castles.  I’m also hoping to get up to the White Mountains for some great hiking and exploring this summer, so I’ll let you know how that goes!


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