Month: February 2016

Ice Castles, Lincoln NH

Alright with all these posts about credit cards, travel hacking, and finance, I was itching to do some real traveling.  (I have a week long trip visiting some family coming up so you’ll see those posts soon!)  In the meantime, I had to tide myself over with something…so we went on a little day trip over President’s Day weekend!  Work’s been keeping me awfully busy, and I needed to get out of the daily grind for a bit.  The ultimate destination was Lincoln, New Hampshire, to check out the Ice Castles there.  Not a long journey by any means, but I was itching to go on an adventure, and wanted to update the blog about it.

A short update to match the short trip:


MileagePlus X App

This past weekend we did a bit of shopping, and I had my first opportunity to really use the MileagePlus X App.  Available on iOS and Android devices, the app is basically just a United MileagePlus portal to retailers.  Buy an e-gift card on the app, show the gift card number to the cashier, and you’re all set!  As long as you have a connection, you can add a credit card, select your retailer, and purchase the gift card.  It’s easy and fast, but wait, there’s more!  The earning potential on this app is huge, and that’s the major draw.


We Regret to Inform You…

We regret to inform you, we are unable to approve your recent credit card application.

Our decision was based in whole or partially on the following factors…

Blah blah blah.  You know the rest.

So, I got my first denial a few weeks ago.

But don’t worry, please, hold back your tears.  It’s no big deal, and I wanted to write this for those of you out there that are really scared of getting denied.  In reality, a couple of denials won’t destroy you or your credit.

I mean, it’s not like you serve jail time for just asking about a new credit card…


Inbox (5): an Update on the IHG Promotion

Well, would you look at that!  I actually got some emails yesterday.  Five emails for five plays, not too bad!

I wanted to update everyone on the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion now, so that you still have time to submit entries before February 15th if you want to.

I mailed my first 10 entries on January 23rd, and just got 5 emails (which resulted in 5 plays) yesterday, February 3rd.  So far I’ve already earned 3,000 IHG points!  After I receive all my emails, I’ll be analyzing the trends and reporting to back to you.

In short, 3,000 IHG points at current valuations of around $0.007, I’ve won about $21 worth of points already!  Of course, this is a very rough estimate, but I’ve only used about 5.3% of my entries, which means there’s plenty of room for more!

But for now, there’s still time for you!  I know I’ll be sharing these tips with a few friends that might be interested, too.  A few free hotel nights?  Why not!  Be sure to read the official rules, and my previous post explaining some of the information in more relaxed terms.

Good luck!

Introducing Travel Card Consulting!

Hi everyone!

In an effort to help all of my readers, and to grow this blog, I want to introduce a new page.

Travel Card Consulting

I’m opening up a new way to communicate with you all:  consulting!

I’ve done this for a few friends now, and have loved doing it.  I’ve also been able to really help a few with their own finances and credit cards!