Month: January 2016

Redeeming a Delta Voucher

Oh Delta Airlines.  I’ve dealt with you more last week than I have ever in my life.

I have mixed opinions of Delta.  You see, I’ve never really flown Delta.  Maybe once or twice when I was younger, but they don’t really service the airports and cities I fly into or out of.  Delta doesn’t have a big presence in Boston or Providence, and I don’t visit Detroit, Atlanta, or Minneapolis/St. Paul very often.  I guess I just don’t know them very well, that’s all.

Still, I found myself having to navigate their website last week, since I was planning some flights for my brother.  Since he had a $1,000 Delta flight voucher (from giving up his seat on an overbooked flight a few months back), he had a certain preference for Delta.


IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion Experiment

If you thought the days of mail-in sweepstakes were over, think again!

The InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) runs promotions from time to time, as ways to award people some extra points, get people excited about their hotels, and apparently they just like to give stuff away!

I originally heard about this promotion on Flyer Talk.  If you like the material on this blog, I’d recommend heading to Flyer Talk for even more information, the latest news, and clever travel hacking strategies.  The forum there is an amazing asset for anyone even slightly interested in travel hacking, or travelling in general.

Anyway, after carefully reading the Official Rules for the IHG and MasterCard Priceless Surprise Promotion, I decided to experiment.  The main variables in this experiment are the direct costs associated with entering the sweepstakes, the time cost of entering the sweepstakes, and the projected return on my time/money.  The ROI (return on investment), will not be in dollars or minutes of course, but in IHG Rewards Club Points.


How to Pay for Delta Flights

Hey everyone!

So remember a few days ago, when my brother decided to go to Hawaii next month?  I took on the responsibility, nay, honor, of booking and planning the flights.  Part of the deal included getting to charge the purchase to one of my cards.  My first reaction was “Oh no!  I don’t have a Delta credit card!”

I wanted to make sure I got the most “mileage” out of the purchase though, so I evaluated the cards in my wallet.


Delta Airlines: BOS-HNL

Winter’s finally here in Boston.  We got spoiled a little bit in December and November, as Mother Nature spoiled us with a little more warmth than usual.

Now it’s zero degrees with windchill, ahh that’s more like it.  So, who wants to go to Hawaii?

I know, me too.  Unfortunately it’s not me going, but my brother.  However, he’s entrusted me with booking the flights, which lets me experiment a bit.  Lucky for him, I actually love finding the cheapest flights, analyzing the routes and travel times, and figuring out the best way to get from Point A to Point B.


Citi and AAdvantage

Citi and American Airlines seem to get along very well.  There’s a selection of Citi/AAdvantage co-branded cards, and Citi often offers miles for new bank accounts.  I got lucky with two special AAdvantage bonuses this past Fall.  I decided to take full advantage of both of them.



Hi everyone!  I have exciting news for those of you looking to increase your ability for monthly spend.  You know how I just posted about RadPad?  You already forgot?!  Sheesh, it was only last night..

Well, I should have waited another day, because I just heard news about RadPad, explaining some new information:

Using a MasterCard credit card now only incurs a 1.99% fee.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but this is a big deal!  Hear me out:


Review: RadPad

This post has been updated with new information.  Please read this, and then check out the new post here.


RadPad essentially offers to pay your rent using a card.  Debit or credit, and they process the payment and then mail the check for you.  It is easy to use, but not a good idea for everyone.  They charge a 3% fee on credit card transactions, which makes it hard to justify for normal spending.  Think about it, do you want to spend an extra $3 for every $100 worth of rent?  Bills are tough enough as is!  However, in a few circumstances, RadPad can be a great tool to earn special card perks, or to meet a tough minimum spend on a new card.