Peru: Nazca Lines Tower

On our way from Arequipa to Huacachina, we made a few pit stops.  The bus ride is an all day event (+/- 11 hours), so everyone on the bus was happy to stop at the Nazca Lines Tower.

This is going to be a short post, just explaining what the Nazca Lines Tower is, and how to best see the lines.

If you haven’t already, check out my Peru master post, with my itinerary, packing list, budget, and links to all the other posts about this trip!


The Hands from the tower.

First things first:  If you want to see the lines, book a flight.  There’s no doubt about it, flying over the lines is the only way to really see them.


The tower itself only gets you maybe two stories up in the air, so you can’t see much.  From our perch, we were able to see the Hands and the Quinoa Tree fairly well.  You could also see another, but just barely, I think it may have been the Lizard?

Anyway the Tower is only 2 soles (about $0.60 at current rates).  You get what you pay for.  I just wanted to put this post out here for anyone that wants to see the Nazca Lines.  Take a flight, they’re not very expensive, they’ve become a lot safer in recent years, and the tower just simply doesn’t leave a lasting impression on you.


The Quinoa Tree.

I will admit though, the sunset over the desert was beautiful.  If you’re driving along the Panamerican highway, you might as well stop at the tower!  Just make sure you take a flight over the Nazca Lines if you really want to see them.

Next Peru post?  Huacachina!


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