First Impressions: Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard

Thought I’d update you on my most recent card!


The card application process is easy, and similar to every other application I’ve filled out recently.  I was approved online instantly, which I was a bit surprised about, to be honest.  This card is touted as an Executive card, so I thought I may have to jump through a few hoops for it, but everything was pretty simple.

The Card

Citi AA Exec Box

Definitely the most impressive credit card package I’ve seen so far.

The card arrived two days later.  I applied on a Thursday evening, and the card arrived in a Fedex overnight Saturday package.  The package was significant, probably the same size and shape as a small chapter book.

Obviously, I opened the package as soon as I got it in the door!  Inside there was a small welcome letter, an envelope with the card in it, and a booklet outlining some of the benefits of the card.  Some of these include Admirals Club access, Mastercard World Elite status, and free checked bags, but we’ll get into this more below.

The Citi AAdvantage Executive Mastercard is pretty impressive.  The design is neat, and I think it’s definitely an upgrade from the last version of the card.  Plus, get this, I actually the approval letter the day after the card itself arrived.  They must really want you to start using that card, huh?

Citi AA Exec Front

The map background on the front of the card is definitely an upgrade from the old design, which Citi phased out a few months ago. I also like cards with all the information on the back, and just the design on the front. 9/10

Card Benefits

  • Admirals Club Membership, giving you access to 50 Admirals Clubs worldwide.  The Admirals Club is the American Airlines lounge, and the great thing about this, is you just need the card active and on you!  You could be flying other airlines, and still use the Club!
  • Global Entry/TSA PreCheck $100 statement credit (covers the application fee).
  • First checked bag free on American Airlines domestic flights for you and up to 8 companions.
  • 25% savings on in flight purchases on American Airlines flights.  Save on food, entertainment, etc.
  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Mastercard World Elite benefits.

Keep in mind that all this costs an annual fee of $450.  The $100 credit for Global Entry helps, but is only every 5 years, since the membership lasts 5 years.  This brings the realized annual fee down to $430, still pretty high.  This card is definitely for big spenders, with the high spend requirement and high annual fee.

For me though, it makes sense for the first year, given the 75,000 AAdvantage miles bonus, and my plan to hit the $7,500 spend in the first three months.  Who knows, I may even keep the card open if I end up flying American Airlines a lot in the next year!

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