Just one more!

It all started with one card.  Just one.

And I wasn’t even the primary holder, just an authorized user on a travel credit card.  You see, my girlfriend and I were planning a trip to Peru for the summer of 2015, so we got a Chase Sapphire Preferred card to rack up a few points on the purchases we’d be making.  $1200 in airfare is no joke.  If you’re paying for that without any way to get points, I feel bad for you.

I also hope to change your mind.

This post is an introduction to a small series on travel credit cards, which ones I’ll be applying for, and why.  Don’t worry, I follow all those other churning blogs too, and I’m not trying to take any credit for these methods, because a lot of my information comes from other, more experienced folks out there.  Check out the Resources page for some of these other blogs.

I’m learning just as much as you are, and I intend to keep you all informed every step of the way.  Here’s our *ahem* itinerary for the next few weeks:

  1. Barclay Card Arrival+ MC (already have this one)
  2. Citi AAdvantage Executive MC
  3. Citi Bank Gold Checking Account (this one gets a bit tricky)
  4. Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Card

I’ll get into how/why I chose every particular account during separate blog posts.  Keep an eye out for those coming up!  It may take some time to finish all of them, since I’m not applying for every account you know, tomorrow.

After this first little series is done, be on the lookout for future posts on Credit Cards, Miles, and Points.  If all goes well, I fully intend to keep up this new hobby of mine.

Besides, the only thing better than seeing the world is…

seeing the world for free!

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