Discover it Credit Line Increase

I’ve had a Discover it card since August 2013.  It was my second card, after a $500 limit credit card from my local bank, but that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away from my travel hacking life.

Anyway, when I first opened my it card, I was approved for a credit line of $2850.  I thought “Great!  Now I can put all my spending on here, and earn cash back for it!”  Well, this is exactly what happened, and my master plan worked great for a while.

Then I got another card, and my income rose a bit, and I regularly spent a bit more money, and I realized I needed some more credit available to me.  Mind you, I still always pay off my cards in full every month.  I just wanted a little more to float, just in case.  Plus, I didn’t even really have to use the additional credit, but I wanted a lower credit utilization ratio, so I needed larger credit lines.

So, I worked up all the courage of the cowardly lion…

And I requested a credit line increase on my Discover it card.  You can make the request right online, like most cards these days.  “Huh, this isn’t so bad, I just fill in my income, oh, and my rent payments, ok that makes sense, and…”


“What, why?  That’s ridiculous!  I have a great credit score, I always pay off my credit cards, I’ve had multiple kinds of credit, and I’ve had this Discover card for over a year.”

So, I called Discover, and asked them to reconsider.  I still got a resounding no, with no good reason why.  “Oh well” I thought, “I’ll try again another time.”

And I did, a few months later.  DENIED.  Still no increase, even after I called.  So I gave up, I forgot about it, and started getting interested in other cards, and miles and points, and all sorts of other things.

After some time, in my latest Apply-o-Rama, I remembered my little old Discover it.  Still sits in my wallet, and I still sometimes use it whenever a good 5% cashback bonus rolls around, but I really have been neglecting it.  So, I decided to request a credit line increase again.

Fill out all the information…wait for… Yes!  Got it!  With really no issues.

To be honest, this really wasn’t a surprise for me the second time around.  My credit score has improved, I’ve had the Discover card for over two years now (and my average length of credit is longer now), my stated income has more than doubled since the last time I requested a CL increase.  (I graduated school and landed a decent job).  I also like Discover for the way they do CL increases.  You get approved up to a maximum, and then you can scale it down in increments of $100 if you’d like.  I was approved for a $3000 increase, but I could have done less if I had wanted to.

So, requesting a credit line increase on the Discover it is really, really easy!  Getting approved for the increase is easy too.  Discover will also ask permission before pulling a credit inquiry, so you could really request an increase every day, and just decline if they offer to pull your credit score.  In this way, it would never impact your score.  If you’re looking to lower your credit utilization ratio, or increase your credit capacity for any reason, the Discover it is a good place to start.

Although I’ve now moved on to other cards, I do still use my Discover when “it” calls.  If you want to get in on the Discover it, shoot me a message or leave a comment, and I can give you a referral link for some extra cash back!

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