I’ve compiled a list of my favorite blogs and online resources to share with you all.  A lot of credit goes to these people out there on the web.  I’m sure I’ll continually add to this list, and add explanations as this blog expands.  Listed alphabetically:

Doctor of Credit

I check this one out daily.  Ok, hourly.  Doctor of Credit puts out consistently high quality information in the worlds of travel hacking, saving money, and personal finance.

Flyertalk (and the Flyertalk Forum)

When you hear Flyertalk, most folks are talking about the forum.  A massive cache of information.  Do a quick Google search and include “Flyertalk” in the search bar to find some quick information, or take the deep dive and create a username!


The Frugalwoods offer some awesome tips on frugality, general living, and homesteading.

Great Circle Mapper

Great tool for looking at flight routes!  Great Circle Mapper gives you the ability to makes some awesome little maps, most of those on this site will be made using this tool!

Mr. Money Mustache

What I’d consider to be one of the original frugality meets blogging sites, Mr. Money Mustache offers some great advice.  He’s only too happy to give you a solid face punch for the consumer traps that you’ve been falling into lately!

Travel is Free

Another site I stop by regularly, Drew writes great information, and is happy to be the data point we all need sometimes.  He travels almost constantly, so in addition to being a source of information, his blog is a source of motivation!


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