Points Update April 2017

Monthly update for April!  Not a whole lot going on lately, I just keep moving along.  A new card here and there, and trying to burn more points this year than I have in the past.  You’ll see quite a few long weekend trips pop up, courtesy of my Southwest Companion Pass.

Costa Rica!

We’ll e flying to Costa Rica next Saturday, for a quick 5 day trip around the Central Highlands and MonteVerde regions.  Very excited for this, and to see a new country!  I used Southwest points and the Companion Pass for the flights, as well as IHG points for one night near the airport.  I may end up using my Discover it card for some regular purchases, that way I can use the cashback balance I have to bring the total cost of the trip down even further.  Stay tuned!

Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select

My third 50,000 AAdvantage bonus hit in the past month, bringing my total balance up to 358,504 miles.  I still haven’t used any yet!  These ones are earmarked for a trip to visit some family in New Zealand in the next few years.

Weekend Trips

This year, I’m trying to burn some more Southwest Rapid Rewards while I still have the Companion Pass.  Obviously, the Costa Rica trip above is a good chunk of points, and I’ll be going to South Dakota (flying into Denver) to visit some family this July.  We already hopped down to Baltimore (Parts 1 and 2) few weeks ago, and we have long weekends planned in Austin, Texas in June, and another in Nashville in August.  After squeezing another trip to the Chicago Seminars out of my Southwest balance (in October, just like last year), I’ll be pretty happy with my savings on that Companion Pass!

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