Setting up JetBlue Family Pooling

So, this summer the kiddo has the privilege of jumping on JetBlue metal.  Guess what?  It’s a trip without me!

When I told him I booked his flight on JetBlue, he exclaimed, “Finally!  Something other than Southwest!”  I haven’t been on a JetBlue flight yet either, I suppose I owe that to the Companion Pass..

He’ll be going to visit some family on the West Coast, and I’m not heading up in the air with him this time.  Naturally, I signed him up for a JetBlue TrueBlue account, so he could earn miles on his flight.  Normally, I would have stopped there.

JetBlue, however, allows family pooling of points!  This, combined with points that truly never expire, make JetBlue’s TrueBlue program very user- (and family-) friendly.

Setting up family pooling of points is easy.  Here are the rules:

  • Each family account can have a maximum of 2 adults and 5 children.
  • The “Head of Household” (which you designate when setting up) manages all points.
  • Any adult with a TrueBlue membership can start a family pooling account.
  • In the TrueBlue wold, adults are 21 and older.  Children are younger than 21.
  • Upon joining the family account, each person decides how many of their points (on a percentage basis) to pool into the account.
  • Changes to that percentage can be made once per year, starting on the date the family account was created.
  • You can only be a member of one family account at a time.
Step 1A Family Pooling

Side note – I really like JetBlue’s user interface.  It’s interesting to see the difference between airline sites.

Step 1 – Set up your family pooling account.

You’ll need to navigate to the Family Pooling button on the left hand side of your TrueBlue account.  Once there, follow the prompts to start setting up a family account.  You’ll have to choose your role.  They have plenty of options – father, mother, grandparent, cousin, spouse, etc.  All of these fall under the Head of Household, or the owner of the family account.

Step 2 Create Family

Name your family.

Step 3 Name Family

Add members.

Step 4A Add family

In the beginning, I’m only adding my son and myself.  I may add another adult if/when necessary.  I could also add my younger sisters as children if I ever needed to manage their travel, since they’re under 21.

Confirm the invite.  Invitations will be sent to the prospective family members.  You can find your pending invitations under “My Family.”

Step 2 – Confirm the family invites in the other accounts.

Login to the child’s JetBlue TrueBlue account.  Remember, “child” in JetBlue speak simply means anyone in the family account under 21, and you can have up to 5 children.

Step 5A Other Account confirm

Navigate to Family Pooling on the left, just like last time.  When you click through on the child’s account, you’ll see the pending invitation.

Step 5B Confirm

You’ll then be taken to a page that allows you to accept, postpone, or decline the invitation.  If you have points in your TrueBlue account at the time of joining, you’ll be able to fund the Family Account with some of those on a percentage basis as well (the points will go to the head of household immediately).  You’ll also be able to select the percentage of points you’ll contribute to the family account in future transactions.

Step 6 Set Amounts

I obviously set his to 100%, since I’ll be managing most of the travel for the foreseeable future.  (Eight year olds tend to have a tough time booking flights on their own.)

Step 8

This is back in my own TrueBlue account – the Head of Household.  Those are his 100 points, that got sent to my account!

I tested the points earning by signing up for JetBlue’s Badges program (which I really like, by the way).  Just for activating this feature, you get 100 points!  Then, you’ll earn more points for earning more badges by doing things like taking 10 flights and flying to new cities.  The points showed up immediately in my head of household account, and I had a little notification, informing me that my family account had been successfully initiated!

Just a quick tutorial on the JetBlue Family Account – hope you enjoy!

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