Points Update March 2017

Hey guys, just the monthly update!


As of March 2017, I have officially surpassed the 1 million mile mark!  Although I wish I had gotten there a bit faster, there’s no turning back now.  I’ve become the guy my family and friends consult before travelling, and before opening credit cards too.

This hobby pays some great dividends, and I’m definitely in it for the long haul!

Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Cards

My American Airlines AAdvantage account has had a nice boost the past few months, mainly due to some new cards without the restrictive 24 month bonus language.  Check out Reddit and Doctor of Credit for more information on the cards.  I captured an additional 70,000 AA miles, with 50,000 more on their way later this month!

American Express SPG Personal Card

I finally got jealous of my girlfriend’s Starwood American Express and decided to open one myself!  Coincidentally, it was about this time last year she opened that card, and I opened my business version at the same time.  We opened those cards for the same reason I opened my personal card now – a 35,000 SPG sign up bonus!

Only this time, we got an extra 5,000 SPG points.  She referred me for the personal card, and already received her points for the referral!

Southwest Personal Premier Anniversary Points

A welcome boost to my Southwest account – I received my 6,000 anniversary points from Chase/Southwest for hanging onto my Personal Premier card.  I’m planning on keeping this card for at least the remainder of the year, when my Companion Pass is up.  After that, it’s a strong candidate for regular manufactured spending, though I don’t use it for much else.

I’ll also be seeing the 3,000 anniversary points from the Plus version of the card sometime this month.  Again, I haven’t yet decided whether to keep this card or not.

Virgin America Elevate

I pulled the trigger on the SPG transfer!  I moved 40,000 SPG points into Virgin America.  With SPG’s airline transfer bonus, those Starwood points became 50,000 Elevate points.  For now, I’m leaving them in my Virgin America account.  When I want to move them over to Alaska, they’ll transfer at a ratio of 1:1.3, becoming 65,000 Alaska miles!  I have these earmarked for a trip to New Zealand in the next few years..

Since I ‘earned’ the points in the Starwood program, I’m leaving the SPG and VX counts the same on the Keeping Score page.

A quick note on tracking…

All the points totals on the Keeping Score page are my best estimate.  I promise I’m trying, but I might miss a mile from time to time!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the update.  I’m excited to cross the million mile threshold, and look forward to a million more this year!

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